Islamist terrorism is spreading.

Islamist terrorism is spreading.

These funds are not set by politics every year, but depend on the number of beneficiaries. With the new budget, Obama wants to end the automatic spending cuts that have been in place since spring 2013. Democrats and Republicans passed a draconian austerity bill in the summer of 2011 that provides for blanket cuts in all departments. The so-called sequester was actually intended as a threat so that both camps could agree on a comprehensive compromise to reorganize the state finances. Because this did not succeed, however, the cuts actually went into effect on March 1, 2013. In Congress, where the Republicans have had a majority in both chambers since the beginning of the year, Obama’s draft budget has practically no chance.

Driven by the ultra-conservative Tea Party movement, the Republican parliamentarians are demanding a significant cut in government spending and at the same time resisting higher taxes for the rich. The Republicans are working on their own draft budget for the 2016 fiscal year beginning in October In the past few years, a bitter dispute in budgetary policy that repeatedly brought the country to the brink of insolvency. For the current calendar year, the White House is planning economic growth in the USA of 3.1 percent. An unemployment rate of 5.4 percent and an inflation rate of 1.4 percent are also assumed for 2015. Source:, lsc / AFP «Merkel in La Celle-Saint-Cloud, France, with the head of the African Commission Mahamat and France President Macron. (Photo: REUTERS) The German Chancellor describes what is brewing in the states of the Sahel as an urgent task: Islamism and terror are increasingly under control of the region, with consequences for Europe.

A billion development aid is to stop this trend. Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for the anti-terrorist campaigns to start quickly in the Sahel zone with logistical and financial aid from the EU and Germany. «This is an urgent task,» said Merkel after a conference on the fight against terrorism in the Sahel zone at La Celle-Saint-Cloud Castle near Paris. «Islamist terrorism is spreading. We cannot wait, we have to start this fight here as quickly as possible,» said Merkel. French President Emmanuel Macron announced as host that the financial start-up aid would be given to the Sahel states for the armed struggle against terrorists is increasing. Saudi Arabia alone wants to contribute around 100 million dollars (around 85 million euros) for the new force from five countries in the region.

The United Arab Emirates would come to $ 30 million, the US $ 60 million, and the EU had already announced support of 50 million euros. Macron didn’t give a grand total for the help. In February 2018 there should be a supporters meeting in Brussels.

The Sahel countries include Mali, Burkina Faso and online biology essay writing services Germany will pay the Sahel countries around one billion euros in development aid between 2017 and 2021, Merkel said. The support will «not be of any use if people cannot live in safety». That is why Germany has a fundamental interest in the security of the region. Security is a prerequisite for economic development in the region. The so-called G5 countries with Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad had set up their own troops this year to take better action against Islamist rebels, terrorist militias and organized crime in their vast territory . The countries were represented at the meeting with their presidents, and Macron said the force would be accelerated to include at least 5,000 soldiers. «We have to win the battle against terrorism and terrorist jihadism in the Sahel region.» There must be first victories in the first half of 2018. «The Sahel coalition is born,» said the Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni. Berlin and above all Paris are already supporting the development of the troops by coordinating aid.

The EU has now set up a coordination office that has taken on this task. At the conference, Merkel discussed the fight against terrorists with Macron and the President of the G5 Sahel countries. The G5-Sahel alliance, which has existed since 2014, founded its own force in 2017 to better tackle Islamist rebels, terrorist militias and organized crime in the huge area. Source:, nsc / dpa «Sand as far as the eye can see. And Sun. That’s the Sahara. (Photo: imago images / TT) The sun shines almost continuously in the Sahel zone, but Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and Chad are still dependent on fossil fuels.

They want to change that: A solar park should lead their residents to prosperity. Several countries in the Sahel zone want to build solar systems for 60 million people in the region by 2030. They are reacting to «the poor access of their population to electricity» and their high dependence on fossil fuels, although they have huge potential for solar energy. The countries are Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and Chad. They are among the poorest countries in the world.

Together they form the «G5 Sahel» group. The Sahel zone stretches from the Sahara in north Africa to the savannah in the south. The African Development Bank has unveiled a plan in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, to produce 1,100 megawatts of electricity using solar panels from 2030. The bank did not provide any information on the total costs. The testing procedure for the project is expected to cost $ 140 million (€ 127 million).

When presenting the project, the President of the African Development Bank, Akinwumi Adesina, described Strom as «like blood in the body. If there is no blood, there is no life». Burkina Faso’s head of state Roch Marc Christian Kaboré said that so far the energy deficit for the Sahel countries has been «a brake on development». He is counting on international support for the project and had already spoken to the heads of government of India and Japan, Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe, at the G7 summit in Biarritz at the end of August. Source:, chr / AFP «Chad owes Angola 100 Millions of dollars. The problem: Chad has too few financial resources to pay back the debt. The solution: Angola needs cattle — and Chad has more than enough of them.

According to the BBC, the two African countries have therefore agreed that 75,000 cattle will be moved from one country to the other over the next ten years to repay their debt. More than 1000 cattle have already arrived in Angola’s capital Luanda by ship. Angola can use it to replenish cattle that have starved or thirsted in the past during periods of drought.

With every cow, 1,333 dollars are paid off debt. (Photo: REUTERS) Source: «A boy carries his little sister during an evacuation operation by the military near Lake Chad. (Photo: REUTERS) In the region around the African country of Chad According to the United Nations, Lake is threatened with starvation if they do not receive urgently needed humanitarian aid. Source: «News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the topic of Tea Party The republican Michele Bachmann, a prominent figurehead of the radical «Tea Party» movement, takes part in the running for her party’s presidential candidacy. Bachmann is considered the light version of ex-runner-up Sarah Palin, which is why she is trusted to appeal to broader groups of voters. An e-mail from a Republican, apparently intended as a joke, is making waves in the United States.

The tea party politicians had attached a photo showing Obama as the youngest member of a chimpanzee family. Civil rights activists accuse her of racism and demand her resignation. The wounds of the Tucson attack in the United States are still far from healed. A 63-year-old injured in the attack freaks out in a television discussion and threatens a Tea Party politician. Meanwhile, MP Gifford’s healing process is going well.

The 40-year-old can breathe independently again. The two presidents of the Bush house were never conservative enough for the tea party movement, which Sarah Palin supports in her fight for the US presidency. But the aversion is mutual. Barbara Bush, wife of George Bush senior, shows that very clearly. US President Obama loses his majority in the House of Representatives and is now dependent on the Republicans for legislation.

However, these have only one goal: to prevent Obama’s second term in office. The ultra-conservative tea party movement can celebrate successes. For Republicans, this is a double-edged issue. It could have been worse: US President Obama and the Democratic Party may lose a majority in the House of Representatives, but they can maintain their preponderance in the Senate.

Nevertheless, the Republicans are gaining ground — also because of an old friend from Germany. The results of the «Tea Party» are mixed, however. It will be even more difficult for Obama to implement his agenda in the future.

In the gubernatorial elections in California, the designated Schwarzenegger successor runs out of breath. US President Obama has suffered a major blow — according to unanimous forecasts, his Democrats will lose the majority in the House of Representatives to the Republicans. In the Senate, too, seats go to the conservatives — including an old friend from Germany. The results of the «Tea Party» are mixed. There are many indications that the second half of Obama’s term of office will be marked by a blockade between parliament and the president.

The heavy blow in the neck in the congressional elections seems certain to the Democrats. With the Republicans, however, the candidates of the arch-conservative tea party movement sense their great opportunity. Despite radical slogans, the Tea Party is part of the American mainstream. Michael Kreusslein In the USA, all members of the House of Representatives and 37 of the 100 Senators will be newly elected on November 2nd.

It is about nothing less than setting the course for the majority in Congress. German companies also want to have a say. The Republicans are facing a real problem: More and more celebrities are joining the ranks of the Tea Party — a subgroup of Republicans — and flirting with wanting to fight for the White House. After Sarah Palin, Donald Trump is now also «seriously considering» getting into the ring for the 2012 Tea Party against Obama. «News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles by on the subject of Chad Because of the violence spreading from the Sudanese unrest region Darfur, the United Nations (UN) is considering a peace operation in neighboring Chad. The oil price also hit new highs on Easter Monday. The nuclear dispute with Iran and the situation in Nigeria and Chad drove the price above US $ 71 a barrel. In its own opinion, OPEC is powerless against the rise.

After a rebel attack on the capital of Chad, the government in N’Djamena officially severed diplomatic relations with neighboring Sudan. According to official information on Friday, more than 150 people were killed in a rebel offensive in Chad. According to official information on Friday, more than 150 people were killed in a rebel offensive in Chad.

The conflict in the West Sudanese crisis region of Darfur, which has been going on for three years, is increasingly spreading to neighboring Chad. From Mauritania to Chad, from Arabia to Australia, Georgia, Guam, Diego Garcia. Different times, different bases.

Ever higher oil prices. The Sudanese government has rejected the deadline set by the UN Security Council to end the refugee disaster. Meanwhile, France announced that it would send its 200 soldiers stationed in Chad to the crisis region of Darfur. The Sudanese government wants to disarm the militia it has supported in the crisis region of Darfur. You will take appropriate steps «immediately», according to a statement issued jointly with the UN.

Then the refugees can also return. In addition, those responsible for the conflict should be brought to justice. The raids by the militias in Darfur have displaced around 1.2 million people from their villages to assembly camps or across the border into Chad.

An estimated 30,000 people have died so far. According to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, the leader of the Sahara hostage-takers, who kidnapped 32 European tourists last year, was arrested in Chad. «» A responsibility that also affects Europe «: Chancellor Angela Merkel in Ougadougou. (Photo: dpa) In the fight against terror, five particularly threatened countries can hope for solid support from Germany. On her tour of Africa, the Chancellor promises the G5 alliance countries additional financial support. Chancellor Angela Merkel has given the Sahel countries the anti-terror Terrorist Alliance G5 promised support in the fight against jihadists.

The fight against terrorism is an «international task,» said Merkel after a meeting with the heads of state of Burkina Faso, Malis, Mauritania, Niger and Chad in Burkina Faso’s capital Ouagadougou. «It is not the responsibility of these five states alone,» stressed Merkel. «It is a responsibility that also affects Europe.» It must be prevented that the «chaos» gets out of hand in the region, because this would have repercussions on other areas. The Chancellor admitted failings of the Europeans: «We on the European side must be faster in our promises.» From the perspective of the countries concerned, some things take «too long». “The terrorists are fast. And that’s why we have to get faster so that we can really defeat them.” In the states of the Sahel zone, there are repeated attacks and attacks by jihadists. Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad have joined forces to better combat the groups militarily. After the G5 meeting with Merkel, Burkina Faso’s President Roch Marc Kaboré spoke of open discussions about the fight against terrorism and also emphasized the importance of economic development.

Kaboré had received Merkel for a bilateral discussion before the G5 meeting.

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