Let me make it clear about Closing Dates

Let me make it clear about Closing Dates

Applications are now actually available for educational 12 months 2020-2021.

You possibly can make an application for pupil finance even although you didn’t make an application for pupil finance earlier in the day in your program; as an example, in the event that you didn’t submit an application for pupil finance in 12 months 1 or 12 months 2, you are able to nevertheless do this in 12 months three or four of the course.

Year applying for student finance after your first

For every 12 months you must send in an application form that you need student finance.

You will need to use the ‘PN1 — Application for student finance form’ (see above) when you first apply for student finance,.

You need to use the ‘PR1 — Application for Continuing Student Finance 2020/21’ form at the following link if you are re-applying:

Pupils whom currently receive pupil finance when it comes to present educational 12 months will undoubtedly be contacted immediately with information regarding just how to make an application for the year that is coming.

You don’t have to deliver proof into the years that are upcoming unless there is an alteration to your position, such as for example modifications to your home earnings or your marital status.

Whom assesses and approves the application

The application and supporting evidence will be evaluated by an assessor at your pupil finance local workplace.After your local workplace reach a determination regarding the entitlement to pupil finance, scholar Finance NI will be sending you students Finance Entitlement page to verify what’s going to be paid for your requirements when.

You ought to receive this page between six and eight days once you delivered the application. This might be longer if you should be local workplace requirements additional information or proof.

At any right time, you can examine the progress of the application during your online account.

Registering and confirming your attendance at university or college

You must take your Student Finance Entitlement letter and your Payment Schedule Letter with you when you register on your course at the start of your first term. Your university or college will likely then verify your attendance with scholar Finance NI.

Whenever scholar Finance NI gets verification of one’s attendance, along with your National Insurance quantity is verified because of the Department for Perform and Pensions, payment will be released immediately. Your will get your payment that is first on


  • the date quoted in your pupil Finance Entitlement page
  • in the event that very first repayment date has recently passed away, within five business days of you registering on the program

In the event your circumstances alter

If you can find any modifications to your needs that you think might influence your entitlement to your help, speak to your Education Authority office that is regional. To get more guidance visit:

Loan request kinds

If you have currently sent applications for help and desire to amend either the actual quantity of Maintenance Loan or Tuition Fee Loan you asked for your needs can sign in on line and amend the job of fill out the Tuition Fee Loan Request Form — 2020/21 at 2020 to 2021 types for full-time undergraduate NI students (under Changing your finance tab),

Pupils with disabilities

Disabled Students’ Allowances

If you’re a time that is full and so are trying to get, or have actually sent applications for pupil finance and wish to submit an application for a Disabled pupils’ Allowance (DSA) too.

In addition to DSAs there are some other types of monetary help readily available for disabled pupils. To learn more, check out Financial assistance for pupils with disabilities.

Pupils with kiddies or adult dependants

If you’re the full time pupil and now have young ones or adult dependants, you can easily make an application for additional assistance with your expenses as well as trying to get a pupil Loan/ as well as grant.

Moms and dads, husbands, wives and lovers of pupils

If you’re supporting students in their studies, you will need to fill out the appropriate kinds at:

Should your total home earnings has dropped by five percent or higher since income tax 12 months 2017-2018, the pupil may be reassessed in line with the tax year that is current. Finish the ‘Confirmation of Income from Employment type 2019/20’.

You supported a student’s application for finance, you’ll need to fill in a parent or partner signature form if you didn’t sign the paper form (PN1 or PR1) when.

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