My Reststop Experience — by Anon — a college that is gay chooses to reside dangerously and tries away some anonymous intercourse at an escape end. (MM, dental, intr)

My Reststop Experience — by Anon — a college that is gay chooses to reside dangerously and tries away some anonymous intercourse at an escape end. (MM, dental, intr)

My Rival Wins my partner, and I shed — by Vulgus — a new couple are dominated by their brand new boss, a guy who had previously been his rival all through their youth. (Mm+/F, nc, rp, blkmail, intr, cuck)

My Sexy Bikinis — by Kathy T. — I became tricked into gonna a pool party and bringing my sexy bikinis. (MM+F, reluc, slutty-gf, cheat, intr, gb)

My Sexy Wife — by LD — a husband talks their wife right into a swinger lifestyle that progresses into offering intercourse for the money to complete strangers. All four areas of this tale are included below. (M+/F, wife-exh, husb-voy, gb, intr, oral, anal, orgy, prost)

My Slutty Girlfriend — by Maestro — we encourage all white dudes to have your lady or gf a black colored master. Used to do and I also’ve never regretted it for just one moment. Their very very very long smooth black colored dicks meet white pussies like nothing else. If you discover a dominant black colored man whom enables you to draw cock and consume cream-pie, therefore much the greater. (MF, intr, huml)

My Son And My brand brand New Wife — by Jones — My very first spouse Sara and I’d an infant boy known as Carl. I met Mia who was crazy but had no boundaries after we were divorced. She introduced me personally to me personally first threesome with her boyfriend that is black and loved her when she arrived house fucked and I also could consume her cunt. Whenever Carl had been 12 yrs. Old Sara sent him to reside with Mia and me personally because he had been attempting to view whenever she fucked her boyfriends. No issue right here, because most of us got drunk and both fucked him. (MFb, ped, bi, inc, mast, oral, intr, liquor)

Mystery regarding the Sleeping Bag — by Bhuralund — my family and i went camping along side my brand new co-workers. The night that is first could not assist my drunk and passed out wife go into her resting bag, but fortunately all my colleagues — particularly the bachelors — were very useful. The things I could not realize ended up being why they kept sliding within the bag with my partner? (MMF, spouse, bi, exh, intr, cuck, liquor)

My Wife 1 — by Robert Handle — A great deal of males admire my partner, hell, significantly more than that actually, many guys want her. And well they need to. She actually is that rarest of females, free of charge, and totally separate. I’m hitched to her, but I do not possess her. Nor would we ever try to limit her feelings or requirements. I am composing this to explain to her many suitors that are would-be simple tips to begin getting her to accomplish for you exactly just what she does most readily useful. Cause you to come! (MF, FF, voy, exh, intr)

My Wife 2 — by Robert Handle — my spouse is a female become reckoned with. It really is as a result that whenever it comes to her darker side, her intimate requirements frequently consist of domination by a guy, or males, whom treat her just as if she were absolutely nothing significantly more than a whore that is common the roads. We arrived to understand this need instead gradually inside our relationship, but when I grasped the depth of the passion, We have discovered to make use of it to your shared satisfaction. (MF, FF, voy, exh, intr)

My Wife 3 — by Robert Handle — Kristi and I also are more likely to make wagers between ourselves, bets that do not include cash. We bet servant hours, in other words, we are going to bet three slave hours on a soccer game, or even a hockey event, plus the loser will probably pay the bet down by being a complete slave for nevertheless much time she (or he) has lost. This slavery is redeemable in just about any as a type of sexual intercourse the champion chooses, and frequently it involves humiliation and degradation, for instance the time we ordered Kristi to exhibit her pussy to a lady in a elevator, or even to ask a carriage driver in nyc if she could touch their horse’s cock. (MF, FF, voy, exh, intr)

My spouse 4 — by Robert Handle — A great deal of males let me know which they’d prefer to screw her, to stay their dicks in my own spouse’s pussy, but check this lose their nerve as soon as the possibility arises. I have seen males whom could talk a good game, but once it comes to performance, they were unable to keep up an erection while watching two of us as Kristi made by by herself open to the man that is new. I believe great deal of the is due to the truth that many guys do not screw ladies in front side of these husbands. However if a guy desires to turn my partner on, this is certainly just what he need to do. Or at the least be ready to do so. (MF, FF, voy, exh, intr)

My spouse 5 — by Robert Handle — This is basically the 5th of a set about my spouse, Kristi. If you have browse the other people, do you know what a slut that is little may be, and also you’re right now finding out precisely how small it will take to have her to distribute her feet, or start her mouth for you personally. She enjoys being humiliated, and over time, we have come to make use of humiliation being a regular section of our intimate union. Strangely enough, it generally does not appear to make a difference who’s being humiliated, nor who the humiliater is. (MF, FF, voy, exh, intr)

My spouse 6 — by Robert Handle — here is the sixth of a set about my partner, Kristi. An element of humiliation should be present if you’ve been following these stories, you realize by now that to properly fuck my wife. I do not understand why this is certainly, however it is, and I also’ve discovered to make use of this to my benefit. The greater she actually is humiliated, particularly in public places, the hotter she gets. (MF, FF, voy, exh, intr)

My family and i Swing — by Billy — wife and husband attend a «swinger» meeting in Florida, and things get wrong. (M+/F, wife, swing, preg, intr)

My Wife plus the Ebony Cabby — by Anon — A couple invites a black colored cab motorist house therefore the spouse provides him a really big tip. (MF, husb-voy, wife-sharing, intr)

My spouse and also the Ebony Ex-Con — by WimpHub — a spouse that is been a effective dot-commer ends up unemployed and seeking for work. She discovers employment being a social worker because of her university levels. This task turns her spouse’s life toward a new way. (MF, wife, intr, cuck)

My spouse as well as the Gloryhole — by Derek Cage — my spouse Sara and I had been out celebrating our fourteenth anniversary. She had been 36 in the right some time we 37. We had no set plans and made a decision to start with supper at a good restaurant. A bit upon leaving the resturant we decided that we decided to walk around the city. Several obstructs away, we found a grown-up bookstore and away from curiosity we went inside. (MMF, BI, spouse, exh, intr)

My spouse, Biff And I — by Jones — After twenty years of unfulfilling intercourse and a divorce proceedings, we came across Marci. I was introduced by her to threesomes and cock sucking. A wonderful crazy perverted spouse. (MMF, bi, voy, dental, anal, intr, alcohol, medications)

My partner Caught Me In The Act — by Kacey — a guy porn that is watching caught within the work while jerking-off by their spouse. Tale includes huge cocks that are black. (MF, cpls, intr, size)

My spouse Chris Gives Head To A BBC — by Anon — 20 years of wedding and I also finally get to watch my wife offer check out a huge black colored cock. (MF, spouse, voy, dental, intr)

My spouse Fucks Her Old Classmates — by Hammer — My wife Debbie had gotten an invite to her senior high school reunion, it absolutely was become in a little town in Florida. We thought it’d be enjoyable to observe how well her classmates that are old doing this we planned to wait. (M+F, intr, voy, spouse)

My partner Gets a Tattoo — by Bhuralund — my partner wanted a tattoo and a classic man that is black prepared to provide it to her. She simply did not understand what design to select. Every thing had been fine till he shared with her of a tattoo on his black colored old cock. It absolutely was only a little shrivelled in its limp state so my bad spouse needed to help make it tough for him so when she did that. You better read it your self. (MMF, spouse, voy, bi, dental, intr, size, creampie)

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