Pedro wore the Barça shirt for 321 games, in which he scored a total of 99 goals

Pedro wore the Barça shirt for 321 games, in which he scored a total of 99 goals


Pedro Gonzalez Lopez Ansu Fati

PEDRI: "He’s on our 60-player roster. The facts show that we watch the U21 a lot, as much as possible. It is clear that the doors are open to any player to join the senior team ”.

ANSU FATI: "I’ve seen it very well, it never ceases to amaze me. Nobody would think that he is an 18-year-old player. He interprets game situations very well, he knows how to play in relation to his teammates, play in one or two touches, he has a goal, defensive work … You have to be careful because I have seen the statements of the people of your club. He must continue calmly, that he is little subject to pressure and develops as a person and a player. What I see in the field I like ”.

MARCOS LLORENTE: “It is very complete. When you arrive, I will ask you where you feel most comfortable. I see it very versatile. Something that we did not expect from his pivot stage is that he would join attack situations. Steps forward cost more. I see him in any position on the field with his mentality ”.

FEW DAYS OF WORK: “They are the dates that exist and for all they are the same. There are no excuses».

Recover goal

MORATA: “I’m not worried about the goal, nor was I nor am I and I hope I am not, in the end it will be the numbers that dictate the concern. Morata since returning to Juventus looks like a very different player in terms of confidence, his numbers indicate this. With improved aspects. He has an attitude in attack and defense as I like from forwards. By performance it is superior to the previous Morata ”.

De la Fuente summons Pedri and leaves Riqui Puig out

GUARDIOLA: “Pep made a veiled criticism of the calendar, you don’t stop competing, you go from pre-game and post-game, without being able to prepare almost anything"

PLANS: "I do not intend to close a group, seeing the number of casualties and that the Covid situation may continue to affect us. It affects the coach negatively because I have to explain the same idea of ​​the game to the players. I will do it as many times as necessary. Having 10-12 top players does not hurt, it is even beneficial ”.

ATHLETIC: "There is nothing special, I want to see Koke who already came in a previous call, and Marcos Llorente. Nothing else. I have total freedom to see players from the League. That’s my job. I try to be as transparent as possible ”.

Nations League

KOKE: "I’ve always liked it, but you already know that midfield is one of my weaknesses. He is a player of the highest level. You just have to look at their numbers and trajectory. On top of that, as a person he is a ten, I got a wonderful impression of him. I really want to see him again. Of course, we will ask you for other things at the football level, positioning".

UEFA NATIONS LEAGUE: “In the first edition of the Nations we deserved to be in the Final Four, but England were more successful in the final. A very similar situation exists. We are leaders and we must endorse it in two parties. The four teams can still be first, I already like it that way. The performance has to be high. But neither do I have a thorn stuck by what happened the other time.

Luis Enrique gives the list of the selection … without Pedri

Koeman complains about the Barça calendar


Xavi Vilajoana’s candidacy has announced that he will not pass the signature cut in order to become a candidate for the Barça presidency. The Futur ADN Barça candidacy has indicated that it could be around 2,000 signatures, but that it will not be able to overcome the cut. In spite of everything, Vilajoana and his team will report to the club’s offices starting at 7:45 p.m. to deliver the signatures they have received, and then they will carry out an assessment.


On at 16:44 CET @sport

Xavi Vilajoana had complained in recent days about the difficulties his candidacy had in collecting valid signatures due to the coronavirus pandemic. They have been working, but the municipal confinements and low mobility have played against them. Vilajoana, yes, it seems that it will have been on the verge of making the candidacy official and it will be necessary to see if from now on it is decided to support a candidate.

Vilajoana was the only candidate who came out of the previous Board of Directors chaired by Josep Maria Bartomeu, so he did not have to present endorsements to go to the elections. The former director of Blaugrana youth football had surrounded himself with a young team and hoped to be able to compete with Joan Laporta and Víctor Font as a third way to the elections, although he must finally wait for another occasion.

 "We go with winning morale but there are no favorites". The phrase is by Joan Laporta after knowing himself a candidate but the results do underline a clear trend.


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Dídac Peyret @didacpeyret

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The numbers of signatures obtained by the Barca presidential candidates

Joan Laporta leads the initiative today with figures much higher than the rest of the candidates in collecting signatures.

The former president of FC Barcelona has collected 10,257 signatures, more than on the two previous occasions on which he was presented (5,725 in 2003 and 4,272 in 2015). And well above its competitors in this edition.

Víctor Font, who just a few months ago seemed the great favorite to win the elections, today presented 4,710 signatures.

It is followed by Toni Freixa, with 2,821, while Emili Rousaud has managed to gather 2,501, a figure that puts his candidacy at risk, since the cut is 2,257 and the signature validation process is still missing.

Other candidates such as Agustí Benedito (he has not presented them), Jordi Farré (2,082) Xavier Vilajoana (1,967) and Fernández Alà (1,177) have already announced that they have not managed to reach the cut-off figure to become officially candidates and have left out of the electoral race for the presidency of Barça.

The context of the pandemic has made the process of collecting signatures very difficult, but the results predict a face-to-face between Laporta and Víctor Font.

The two are now the candidates who seem to have the most support from the partners. But to this day, it is still unknown if elections can be held due to the rebound of the coronavirus.

For now, Laporta has already made his position clear. "I think the elections have to be held. Voting venues have been territorialized to avoid crowds. And it would not make sense to suspend the vote, we are in favor of voting".

Thank you, I will be a candidate. Just one more country to be President of Barça! 10,257 gràcies, socis i sòcies!

— Joan Laporta Estruch&# 127895; (@JoanLaportaFCB) January 11, 2021

The former Barça president is leading an impact campaign with initiatives, such as going out in a building near the Bernabéu, which went around the world.

Laporta urges the partners to regain optimism. His story is that he has already managed to take Barça to the top and can do it again.

His campaign is mostly based on his charisma and he has not even needed a team of great familiar faces to generate illusion.

Víctor Font has already defined Laporta’s project as nostalgic, putting himself as the face of the future.

The journalist Antoni Bassas, who would be part of the presidential cabinet if Font is president, also spoke about the campaign "budget rich and content poor".

4️⃣.7️⃣1️⃣0️⃣✍&# 128153; Moltes gràcies, socis i sòcies! ❤ Moltes gràcies, voluntaris i voluntàries!&# 128170; Building the Barça of the future is to our mans, fem-lo realitat on the 24th of gener. # Sialfutur &# 128309;&# 128308;

— Víctor Font: Yes to the Future (@sialfutur) January 11, 2021

Font has been working for years on a project that has in Xavi the person chosen to design the sports project together with Jordi Cruyff.

It remains to be seen if it would be from the bench or the offices in the case of Terrassa.

Jordi Farré does not pass the cut and announces that he will vote for Laporta

Joan Laporta: "We go with winning morale but there are no favorites"

In addition, Font has found a situation that works against him. Xavi has already declared that it is not exclusive to the Font project.

Pedro Rodríguez on a day like today, but 13 years ago, he made his debut with the Barça first team in a First Division match against Real Murcia. The canary, who ended up making history with the Barça shirt, was essential in achieving some titles such as the 2009 Club World Cup or the 2015 European Super Cup, his last service before he left for Chelsea.


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Carlos Lopez

Pedro wore the Barça shirt for 321 games, in which he scored a total of 99 goals. After replacing Samuel Eto’o and making his debut in 2007/2008, the following season he alternated the Barça first team with Barça B, under the command of Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique, respectively.

On August 16, 2009 Guardiola gave him the opportunity in a final. He took it out in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup against Athletic, where he scored his first official goal with the first team and the same week he signed his first professional contract. The rest is history.

‘Pedrito’ in his nine seasons at Barça, the last one he only played one game in the final of the European Super Cup against Sevilla, he got a whopping 21 titles. And without a doubt, he left an unforgettable legacy at Can Barça. The Spanish winger, who wanted to remember his debut as a professional, has published a video on social networks that reviews his career as a footballer since January 12, 2008.

In the video you can see some of the most important goals that Pedro achieved with Barça and also, he has been excited to continue enjoying football: »13 years since my debut! And we continue with the same enthusiasm and enthusiasm as the first day! »

⚽ 13 years since my debut! And we continue with the same enthusiasm and enthusiasm as the first day! &# 128170;&# 127995;&# 128079;&# 127995; 13 anni dal mio esordio! Andiamo avanti with the stessa voglia e motivazione del primo giorno! #OTD @FCBarcelona @ChelseaFC @OfficialASRoma @SeFutbol