REALISTIC DAY @ OXFORD + UNI ROOM WORKOUT | Procrastination, Essay Writing & Fooooooood

[Music] owning everyone I should have a name they come out with things it’s like good morning chickens or do you know what I can think of today oh this is nice little donut under my happened finally perfected my messy bottleneck okay No maybe I didn’t good morning it’s a gray day outside which I hope is not reflective of how my day is gonna go because don’t want a shit day to be honest quite shit day yesterday it’s been really weird morning so I got up at 8:30 for my lecture and I went to put my laptop in my bag taking it off charged and realized that my charger hadn’t been plugged in this is the one lecture hall weather isn’t a plug like the plugs are old plugs because apparently in the 13th century here in Oxford so that was great and then so because I was exhausted I was like you know what I will have it just as much cuz it’s one of those she’s one of those lecturers that has so much on her slides so I was like you know what I’ll learn just as much if I go through the slides later so I was like you know what because I’m exhausted I’m just gonna go back to sleep until now so I got up at like 10:10 thinking I was just up for my appointment at 11:00 and then I remembered I was actually up cuz I need to go to the bank but by that time it wouldn’t have had enough time to go to the bank do the transaction and come back and go to my appointment so I’ll go straight after my appointment I’ve got a pvat whoo yeah so I’m like a weird limbo yeah I’m gonna go grab myself a coffee then go to my appointment but I don’t know if grabbing myself coffees a good idea cuz I get much more anxious with coffee and my appointment is a psychologist appointment as you guys know from my kind of I haven’t really talked about it much and I’m not really going to because this is one of the things where it’s like yes I could show everything on social media but then it makes it ten billion times all stressful and the situation is already extremely stressful as it is so it’s like yeah not worth it but yeah I did like a post on world mental health day saying kind of like certain things and I have had basically like a PTSD diagnosis and other things that have come with that and I this is my first referred appointment up here so I only had to wait for a month for that because it’s beginning of November now and I came off at beginning of October and went to get referred up here because they don’t have to pop down to London for appointments yeah and that’s all on the NHS oh god the NHS is fucking incredible god this has been annoying and significant chat just like my life it’s raining I’m ready to go I look like any don’t know Smurf or something just what am i usual this year’s came once everyone confirmed to me are vegan and all of them and PC out a town down I don’t have time to get coffee sorry but it means I can get some later which is when I thought she needed it so it’s a sign [Music] oh my god don’t of course the downpours stopped of course it has I’m literally drenched as are my packages I do get more yummy Ethiopian food Oh begin medley okay so I’m gonna eat my food and start my work and change cuz I’m drowned rat we just got the cutest stationery package from comic below me oh my god come on make one so cute and they’ve said what was it if you want some cute stationery that’s a code grace for ten pounds off 10 pounds Wow um the years that the cutest stuff whoa they’ve got lounge and PLT I’ve got three more BLT packages back at the lodge but yes I got PLT Paul coming this week and same with lounge next week we walked good to the bank didn’t I and now it’s sunny outside it was literally down pouring so now I guess I’ll start my work basically I’m doing I say and I did a lot of the reading for yesterday and I just need to get back into it because I’m close to an essay plan now I just need to brush it out I’m hoping I can get it done today that would be a big achievement but it will also be amazing so what I need a break or Dysport thank you she don’t like break so I’d rather just bash it out okay so I have done some emails not done in the Uni work so rather than getting down to it and then having to go what I’m gonna do is go to the bank get myself coffee on the way back and then return and then just work the rest of the day these days all my life work because you know Easter time we have two boys [Music] so I went to the bank paid my tax got coffee came back and have managed to procrastinate and it’s just not okay actually I have too much work be procrastinating and as you can’t see how dark is and here like it’s got really gloomy this is what it’s like outside it’s just like gray and there’s no sunlight so welcome to England because I can’t behave I know how to take myself to the library and I just mean the library the college library because I can’t fucking behave so I think I’m gonna leave my phone here or bring my phone with me but leave it in my bag and not even take it out of my bag and just get going because it would really change my life so I got this essay done today so I think that’s what I’m gonna have to do you know so I’ll put my laptop and my charger this time that would be nice wouldn’t it and let me show you what I’ve done so far so this was in general last night I took her basically made a start yesterday on this essay and I’ve just been noting this is one of the really annoying modules where they haven’t given a reading list of any form and the essay questions are really vague so you spent half the time at you’re just trying to find the reading which is fine if it’s for like an extended essay that actually counts towards your course this is literally just a tutorial I say that doesn’t count for anything so it’s like why are you sending me on a fishing expedition when I’m fucking vegan night like anyway so I’ve written this out which is my proposed as a plan and honestly it’s a stupid essay and I’m just going to get writing so I’m just gonna flush these out with what I’ve got colour coded from here as we know this is my a say plan and here’s the colour coded notes and I just developed these key themes of what I think I’m going to include my essay and then started coding notes with those colors and then I’ll just transfer them across to there and now let’s just get writing and then I should be done but by tonight and then I can are you mad just as I say I’m gonna go to the library can you sit down Paul can you see that okay well normally I do quite like it when it rains I want to go to the top of the building but the rooms locked the pen pal it’s not a penthouse we call it me my friends good but else them to make ourselves look busy I think that’s gonna be a storm you know it’s really really rainy so instead of going for library because I’d have to face that now there’s just no point in doing that I’m just gonna start working I’m gonna turn my phone off that’s what I find really helpful if my phone’s still gonna be in the room so I’ll literally you know like slide to power off and then it takes like 10 seconds to be wrong again which is too much you know and then you feel bad when you’re powering it back on so that is a work technique so what I’ll do is I’ll make myself a baraka and then I’m just gonna get going I’m gonna tidy my room a bit that’s my whole PLT Hall it’s hiding my room but because when it’s a mess I can’t concentrate tidy room tidy mind you know I mean so unproductive and it’s making me angry and you know what would solve that being productive but you know what I’m not doing being productive Coffee has made me laugh to put up shit so gonna grab some PCAs some Baraka some ginger I want my old engines so that I become more productive and I’m gonna go to the library because as I said before not behaving like this one discipline today in just some day so you’re super babies [Music] well it’s not my friend my least favorite thing out of all of this that could have napped or something you know you know when you professor of one Gingin in my mouth you know when you procrastinate loads and you’re like it’s because I’m tired and like not motivated and everything it’s like you literally could have just snapped and yet you spent all that time just sitting here feeling sorry for yourself doing nothing like why do we do that because I know that I spend half my life doing that see if I’m the least talented do I all flat head around that was absolutely nice better now it just like to report I am in fact a genius okay we’re going to the library which plant eat you today would you plan to you I have reported that I am Gertrude today because I’m a mess just generally chaotic disorganized unnecessarily short and I need watering which do you Barry to Luna or Gertrude pilot says she’s and Tallulah because she’s trying to pull herself together but kind of falling apart and so she’s buried because she’s like quite spiky today both in leg hair and attitude so which of you today to see if I go work in here and it’s open and I’m ready to work I’m gonna finish this essay now I progressively did so much I’m actually so I really like so don’t get I have to finish this essay today no matter how long it takes so it shouldn’t take that long because I should just be able to get down to it I’m just waiting for my laptop to get a bit of charge to turn on that’s me don’t need to buy why aren’t you focusing yeah I think the main thing with procrastination I mean I think what causes me to many of a craft night its coffee when I don’t need it because it either makes me like hyperactive or you know and you have coffee and it makes you more sleepy and you’re like that’s exactly what I needed that’s why I had coffee Thank You universe also eating too much so like that lunch didn’t look that big but it was huge like I could I was like struggling getting to the end of it and that never happens with me and phone such a culprit for that it’s so bad and just need to stop being a brass donating lazy [Music] okay so I’ve got a pretty fully fledged si plan now so I’m just gonna start writing out but I just thought I would do my classic overview of kind of how it’s going from now just cuz last time I know I talked a lot about si plans and how important they are and I just thought I would show you now because now I know exactly what I’m arguing I know what I’m talking about I mean this si plan is 2700 words and that meat may seem like it’s been longer to do the si plan but bearing in mind this has full quotes in this there’s a lot of bullet points that won’t then be included that are basically just from the reading because I don’t know how works your guys you need schools or whatever but you have to do a lot a lot a lot of reading and essay so I’ve done all that reading not all of it this is going to be in the essay but it basically sets out the entire structure so that my essay is not messy I know it’s got all the information that need it needs I basically know what I’m concluding now anyways it might be one or two more like angles I take or something but it’s pretty much completely developed at this stage anyway let me take you through this so this is a pretty factual essay it’s literally just in what ways did the lower so I’ve got the introduction basically have the background on and defining everything in the question which is really importance do so as a few different sources of background information there I’ll have an intro paragraph on the thing we’re talking about and then the origins just to flesh out a bit then the musical characteristics because it’s saying what — how does it affect the musical characteristics and then because it’s about social function I’ll have how were these shaped by social functions so here we get into more of like the essay so I’ve got dramatic forms royal and heroic image imagery themes of serenity and themes of mourning and then literally just a conclusion where I’ll basically answer the question explicitly so it says like to what extent you say the extent and you basically repeat the question which is so important so it is 4:13 now so let’s get going I’m hoping to finish in two hours if I finish by 650 and not be amazing cousin I clear to the gym before making dinner I’m making dinner for my friend too and that would give me a nice relaxing evening which I haven’t had in a while every night also after this than I only have one more si three videos to film now when I go to the gym do some Instagram videos for this week and then I go weekend which would be [Music] can we just discuss how dark this is I don’t know what is lighting it on the camera but like this is how dark it is not even 5 p.m. can we just okay it’s so dark it’s 10:00 to 7:00 6:45 and yeah I finished the essay 1 7 9 5 words and yeah so generally just wrote out my whole plan and referenced and everything and now I’m going to do my header so I’m just doing like not that that’s not my name and then I’ll do a full spec spellcheck and everything and then I’ll just send it off you know wait till tomorrow morning I’ll read over tomorrow morning because I always like to read it over on a different day so I’m done with my essay and I wanted to go to the gym but I said I’d cook with my friend and like half an hour not even that Wow so I thought I would just do a little like bodyweight circuit in here I know it’s very small ma’am no idea how I’m gonna fill mix let alone actually do it but um yeah so wouldn’t get a bit of a like my sponsored guide dogs on the back I don’t mean sponsored as and they’ve sponsored the video doesn’t you know you how you can sponsor a guide dog every time I go onto the website I can’t help it spawns one of them because I so cute um but here am i — at the moment they’re adorable but yes so I am going to duel suck it we like full body II mainly upper body I think but yeah just like full body gab ever guys you know how I always talk about are my boobs fluctuate and it’s always around like november/december then they go in January now they’re back in like March anyway and it’s literally like they just appear like overnight I’ll be like okay it’s like two sizes and it’s not like fat it’s like this swell but it’s not stupid my period it’s not to move my weight because I’m always at different weights and it happens really weird but they’ve suddenly just come back like that this is a breasts to breasts large and they just stop being like saggy and small for a bit and then they just leave me again to cry just in case you didn’t believe me like they’re back it’s not just they don’t just go because I lose weight they just appear and disappear at various different times for absolutely no reason it’s very very weird maybe they are religious boobs like used to boobs at Christmas but who knows just thank you for blessing me with your presence again so that I can now get sad again and you leave [Music] [Music] try to Allah end them I know I’m not well brothers I got I can’t get none up from me hangin out the passenger side of his best friend’s ride tryin to holla enemy [Music] we forget like the majority of our excuses are just completely unjustified like you can always get a good so that’s like a just over 15 minute workout 15 minutes of actual work and you’ll feel it like you could do that as a revision break or like a study break and you’d feel it and there would be progress and bodyweight work is actually fucking tough man especially when you weigh quite a lot well yeah so um try that after you want it’s really quick really easy you could even wake up like 20 minutes earlier and get that in and then totally you felt like a part for the day also I find that my day is always getting better that I started working out which doesn’t translate into how much I do that because I never ever do that but yes I’m going to go and make me and my friend some creamy mushroom pasta because I’m a good friend good that Chelsea Barney so that card I gave her problems I’m just curious better honest I think that portion size is exactly what I just had the biggest pasta it was so delish and yeah I mean I think the thing is because everyone’s always like how do you eat so much and stay like in shape / just generally not put on weight all of that and first things first so my weight fluctuates like everyone else’s but one of the key things is that I know what I can have large quantities off so as well as that the exercise side because obviously it’s all about a calorie deficit like for me priority is portions like I like big amounts of things so I know that if I have like a huge amount of some like really oily curry then that’s gonna be like a lot of calories whereas the things that I make a huge part of my meals like and make everything with two packs of mushrooms instead of one and two packs of broccoli and I know what I can make large quantities of and then I have like the carb part of it as the smaller part as I said before I usually make probably under one serving a pasta that tonight was definitely one half but that’s but yeah and so it generally means that like I know what I can make into the large quantity parts of the meal and then I’m there eating for ages so I feel a lot more satisfied and feel much further for longer so yeah volume foods it’s just the biggest thing in my life no like the biggest contributor to being able to eat loads and stay in shape I don’t know why I’ve suddenly got on this run but I know that everyone always asks me that and it’s like like don’t get me wrong I eat a lot unlike like most of the time I don’t really watch what I’m eating but also the majority of the time I am cooking for myself because like it’s cheaper it means that I can make bigger portions because I mean it’s all work so we like being genuinely serious and yeah so I generally advise that I don’t know where that rank came from but it’s not like I ever planned on doing that or whatever but anyway yes I hope you enjoyed this video um and I will see you in the next one please remember to Like and subscribe if you like my face looking like that because I don’t have you guys let’s see in the next

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