We combine protection with simplicity of access to provide you with reassurance.

We combine protection with simplicity of access to provide you with reassurance.

Secure Deposit Box

Protect your valuables and documents that are important hours just about every day from accidents which could take place aware of a Secure Deposit Box from First United. To reserve a secure Deposit Box, simply see your nearest United that is first location.

Wire Transfers

Move cash super fast for a nominal cost. Transfers may be completed at any United that is first location or initiated through on the web Web Banking.

When you really need to move funds instantly, you can expect cable transfer solutions to domestic and worldwide banking institutions. Speed within the cable procedure by completing the wire that is associated just before getting into the lender by utilizing either of this printer friendly variations of our cable kinds offered.

Overdraft AdvantageВ®

First United offers the perfect way to assist handle your hard earned money if your funds are operating just a little low and you can find way too many days left in the thirty days until payday.

Overdraft AdvantageВ® is topic to your Overdraft AdvantageВ® Statement Policy, which limits the quantity and amount of overdrafts and possesses terms that are certain conditions. We reserve the best to limit, restrict or prohibit overdrafts on specific records based on circumstances.

Overdraft AdvantageВ® minimizes errors that may fundamentally run you hundreds of bucks in vendor fees charged for returned checks. Despite the fact that we are going to charge a fee the fee that is normal each non-sufficient funds deal that is prepared through Overdraft AdvantageВ®, you are going to spend less by avoiding high priced vendor charges.

Enjoy peace of head comprehending that your checks is likely to be compensated — helping you save the right time, cash and embarrassment. Overdraft AdvantageВ® is an indispensable service but there’s no expense to sign up. Just keep making your very First United account that is checking in a prompt way to create your bank account to a confident status inside the needed time frame and we also’ll care for the remainder.

Ask us about getting Overdraft AdvantageВ® and to receive a copy of the Overdraft AdvantageВ® Statement Policy that contains service information today.

  • You need to Opt-In because of this solution.
  • You’ll be charged $28 when you do not have money that is enough your bank account to pay for a deal.
  • Covered deals consist of: the re payment of checks, particular funds that are electronic or other withdrawal demands, re payments authorized by you, any deposit things came back unpaid, in addition to imposition of bank service costs.
  • Your account should have a positive stability at least once every thirty day period.
  • We might will not pay an overdraft for your needs whenever, and even though your bank account is in good standing and though we might have formerly compensated overdrafts for you personally.

24-hour Depository

Drop down your deposit or make that loan re re payment any moment during the depository found at your nearest very very very First United location. Deposits and loans are credited to another frequently scheduled working day.

Direct Deposit

Never ever bother about getting to the financial institution to create a deposit on payday. With direct deposit, relax and revel in understanding that your bank account was already credited.

Direct deposit may be the best and a lot of convenient means for deposits to be produced each pay period. Build up are created electronically and might be done by the boss, retirement plan administrator, or even the personal safety management.

You will lay aside time by perhaps perhaps not waiting in line that can also make additional interest, as your account is credited from the payday installment loans actual pay date. Loan re re payments in addition to distributions among your different records may be made through this service that is convenient.

Simple Switch

Switching is currently easier than in the past with Simple Switch, simply stick to the 3 steps that are easy!

Automated Fund Transfer

Our Automated Fund Transfer (AFT) solution permits clients which have records within First United to transfer inside and outside of the current records at our bank. Loan re payments along with distributions among your different reports may be set at a regularity you decide on through this convenient, free service. Have actually accounts from the bank? Read more about our Bank to Bank move solution available through our on line Banking.

Notary Provider

A Notary Public is present at every very very very First United location during normal banking hours.

A licensed notary will approve and confirm a signer’s identification for legal papers, guardianship, depositions along with other certified papers totally free to First United clients.

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